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Turning real-world clinical data into products that make mental healthcare more effective and accessible than ever before.

ieso is a data-driven AI healthcare company pioneering next-generation digital therapeutics to improve mental health outcomes and access to care.   

The company is developing a pipeline of AI-driven evidence-based mental health assessment tools and solutions to democratise access to mental health therapy at scale. With a network of more than 600 fully qualified therapists, ieso provides virtual care (or telehealth) serving more than 20 million adults through the UK National Health Service (NHS), delivering more than 460,000 hours of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).  

The company has analysed over 500 million datapoints to decode the active ingredients of therapy to develop scalable digital therapeutics. ieso’s research has been published in several peer-reviewed journals including the Lancet and JAMA, shaping our understanding of scalable digital mental healthcare solutions.

In July 2011, ieso was launched [as PsychologyOnline] with initial investment from Cambridge Angels. Cambridge Angels followed on with further investment in 2013, this time being joined by investors from Imperial Innovations, Clearly So and Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of London.

Products and services

ieso Internet-enabled therapy service

ieso is the UK’s leading digital mental healthcare and therapeutics business. It is addressing the global mental health crisis by developing clinically evidenced assessment and treatment products that enable everyone with a common mental health condition to recover.

ieso uses technology and data science to better understand, prevent, detect, and treat mental health conditions. Its core product offers AI-powered, therapist-delivered, digital cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). With a growing network of 600 fully qualified therapists, ieso serves more than 20 million adults through the UK National Health Service (NHS).

By analysing over 500 million data points contained in the world’s largest outcome-linked mental health dataset, ieso’s AI and data research teams are decoding the active components of therapy and enabling ground-breaking approaches for digital therapeutics (DTx). ieso is now developing new digital therapeutic products that will support the transformation needed in mental healthcare.

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