Trust Works

Trust Works support courageous organisations who are inspired by concepts of self-management. We believe that your organisation's success is determined by the passion, dedication and creativity of its people. We provide coaching, courses and consultancy to support organisations that want to realise their full potential by - through the power of trust, openness and purpose - unleashing the capabilities of their workforce.

We believe that an organisation's performance is determined by its people. Supporting them to do the best job they can is therefore the key to unlocking success. In our view, this is best done:

  • By trusting them to do the right thing. You have hired them for a reason; now let's trust them to bring their best. 
  • By being very clear on your organisation's purpose and how the team's purpose relates to that.
  • By providing your teams with the tools and support to do their work well, including the authority and information to make important decisions.
  • By being transparent and frank: on performance, in feedback and in general interaction.
  • By encouraging learning and experimentation throughout the organisation. 
  • By keeping things simple, minimising bureaucracy, maximising impact. 


We support courageous organisations who are inspired by concepts of self-management as practised by organisations such as Patagonia, Buurtzorg, Netflix, Semco and many others. In this we practise what we preach: we coach, facilitate, encourage, inspire. From time to time we may teach (a bit). But foremost, we trust you to find your way and your style in what works for you and your workforce in your specific context. 

We do this through online programmes, generally in small groups of like-minded individuals. Or we do this in person (provided Covid allows) within and with your organisation. 

Bringing many years of self-management experience as organisational transformers, facilitators and coaches ensures that you and your teams will be in good hands as you embark on your exciting journey. 

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