NIHR BioResource for Translational Research

We seek to facilitate human health research and its transformation into medical practice.

We are at the heart of efforts to improve healthcare and the long-term prevention and treatment of disease. The NIHR BioResource is committed to bringing together researchers and willing volunteers to contribute to leading research that will benefit everyone.

Our Mission

To facilitate human health research and its transformation into medical practice.

We achieve this by:

  • Recruiting and engaging with active participants, who volunteer to work with the BioResource and our partners.
  • Collaborating with leading research groups in academia, NHS and industry to rapidly translate the findings in the lab into benefits for the clinic.
  • Developing effective and efficient systems to provide rapid, consistent and valuable integrated access to samples, data and resources to tackle healthcare challenges.
  • Building effective, added-value partnerships with health research groups, organisations, companies and charities that maximise the value of our research, systems and resources for healthcare improvement.

"The BioResource is all about the endpoint. And the endpoint is improving patient health for everyone."

Dr. Nathalie Kingston
Dr. Nathalie Kingston

NIHR BioResource Director

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Join the BioResource

Each of us can make a unique and valuable contribution to health research. The support and goodwill of our volunteers is vital to our role as a facilitator of research that can benefit millions of people living with serious health conditions.

By joining the NIHR BioResource, you can play an important role in helping drive health research forward.

Everyone who volunteers contributes to the search for better diagnosis and treatment into a range of common and rare diseases.

Without our volunteers, our research cannot progress.

If you decide to join, you will donate a blood or saliva sample and be asked to complete a health and lifestyle questionnaire.

We'll also ask you to fill in a consent form that describes how your data and samples might be used and allows us to match you to specific research studies.

We'll also ask you to grant us access to your medical records, but we will only need these if required for a particular study. 

Join us today.

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