Harnessing Strengths in the Workplace

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  • I’d like to find a new way to develop my team and help us work together more effectively.
  • How can I energise my team members and play to their strengths?
  • How might playing to my own strengths help me to be effective and energised?

The Concept

This workshop is founded on the growing body of research demonstrating the benefits of strengths-based approaches to managing ourselves and our organisations.  More than just another “string to their bow”, adopting a strength-based philosophy and practice gives line managers and team leaders a means of truly energising their teams, enhancing their performance and optimising how they work together.

The workshop will explore how this can be done.  It will utilise the Strengthscope® instrument to enable managers/team leaders first to explore and apply the thinking to themselves before going on to consider how they might adopt a strengths-based approach in the development of their teams – individually and collectively.

The Structure

The workshop duration will be a half-day.  Prior to the workshop participants will complete the Strengthscope® instrument.  After the workshop there will be an opportunity to supplement this with the 360 feedback component if wished.

Workshop Outline

The workshop will be highly participative, and the content and process will be as follows:

  • Discussion of the philosophy and benefits of strengths-based development.
  • “Strengths-spotting” exercise in pairs/trios to uncover key strengths before looking at the reports.
  • Introduction to the Strengthscope® reports.
  • Participants review their reports individually, utilising some questions provided for reflection.
  • Back in their pairs/trios, they then each take a turn to discuss:
  • Their strengths, how they apply them in their role as a manager/team leader, and how they could use them more, or more effectively.
  • Any performance risks to be aware of – strengths in over-drive or limiting weaknesses – and strategies to deploy to mitigate these.
  • Small group exercise to generate practical ideas regarding how to use the strengths-based approach with their own teams (with or without using the Strengthscope® reports).
  • Feedback in large group, with tutors providing further input, ideas and tools on where, when and how to utilise strengths-based approaches.

Course Details

Duration: 2 hours Plus 1 hour coaching Credits: 1.9
Times: 9.30-11.30 Member Cost: £290+VAT pp
  Non-member Cost: £435+VAT pp

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