Activotec launches new Activo-Darwin peptide synthesizer

A close-up of the Activo-Darwin screen

Cambridge, UK, May 4th, 2024: Activotec Ltd announces the launch of its Activo-Darwin Semi-Automated Peptide Synthesizer, a cutting-edge instrument designed for the synthesis of very high quality peptides. 

The Activo-Darwin is a very affordable, flexible and easy to use tool for peptide synthesis.  

Activotec Founder and Managing Director Chris Littlewood says, "We are proud to present the latest edition to our peptide synthesizer portfolio. There is clearly a market for a semi-automated synthesizer both in terms of cost and usability and our Activo-Darwin fits that need. We already have a very high level of interest and some orders since displaying the product just two weeks ago in Prague."

With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, the Activo-Darwin synthesizer offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency in peptide synthesis. Key features include:

  • High-quality peptides: Delivers peptides of exceptional quality, from 0.05 to 20.0 mmoles. It can synthesize any length of peptides 
  • Efficiency: Automates the resin washing and deprotection steps, helping you save time and optimize your resources.  
  • Chemistry compatibility and flexibility: Performs any Fmoc and t-Boc chemistries; also compatible with green chemistry solvents. Use any resins, polystyrene or PEG. Use pre-written protocols or write your own.
  • Heated reactors: The reactor can be precisely heated up to 90 °C. Importantly, only the steps and amino acids that require heating are heated, resulting in much higher purity peptides.

The instrument is fully enclosed with a 100% inert atmosphere throughout. Advanced features include a touch-screen interface, email notifications and software generated worksheets for easy operation and precise user guidance.

The instrument was presented at the European Peptide Synthesis Conference in Prague in May 2024 and was very well-received.

A picture of the semi-automated peptide synthesizer, with the Prague castle in the background
The Activo-Darwin showcase at the EPSC 2024 in Prague 


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