AlgoDynamix partners with Quant pioneer Dr. Ernie Chan for new Crypto related product developments

London, Cambridge, UK, Toronto and Niagara-on-the-Lake (Canada): AlgoDynamix, the leader in behavioral based price forecasting for financial markets signs a collaboration agreement with Quant pioneer Dr. Ernie Chan. The agreement covers research, development and productization with a strong initial focus on Crypto. New investment products are expected to be available early Q4 2022.

Quant pioneer Dr. Ernie Chan

AlgoDynamix and Dr. Ernie Chan, one of the world's renowned Quant Pioneers, have joined forces to combine their respective expertise to co-launch new investment products with an initial focus on Crypto.

Dr. Ernie Chan, “Crypto is a great asset class with lots of potential, though as we have seen in the past few months it can be very challenging!”.  Dr. Chan continues:  “I am delighted to be partnering with the AlgoDynamix team to make the most of this newer asset class, we will announce further updates soon, including new investment product launches in early Q4 this year“

Throughout the last three decades Dr. Chan has transformed the financial services industry using his mathematical rigor. This already started back in the days of his IBM research and continued with ongoing research at the bulge bracket investment banks as well as the smaller more efficient hedge funds. His latest venture includes advanced predictive analytics and partnerships that maximize his decades of multi-asset trading, tail risk management, portfolio construction and flawless trade execution.

Tarun Khanna, President AlgoDynamix North America: “We are absolutely delighted to be working with Dr. Ernie Chan on groundbreaking new Crypto investment products. Our initial discussions with Dr. Chan made it clear that there was definitely an opportunity to work together and to combine the best of all worlds.”

Updates and further announcements will be available throughout Q4, please do join AlgoDynamix mailing list for latest updates.


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