Cambridge Science Centre announces AstraZeneca’s valued and continuing support for the coming year

Cambridge Science Centre, a Cambridge-based charity dedicated to fostering curiosity and learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) among children, is thrilled to announce the renewal of its partnership with AstraZeneca for the upcoming year.

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AstraZeneca has been a steadfast supporter of Cambridge Science Centre for several years, playing a crucial role in the development of various initiatives designed to ignite a passion for STEM subjects among young minds.

John Bull, CEO of Cambridge Science Centre, expressed his gratitude for the continued partnership, which has supported the organisation in its expansion beyond Cambridge and into the Fenland community. He emphasised the success of the Fenland-based PopUpScience Centres, which, thanks to the support from Cambridge and Peterborough Combined Authority, has brought STEM education to numerous young people and families in their local schools and communities.

He said: "We are thrilled to sustain our valuable partnership with AstraZeneca. One of the vital areas AstraZeneca has offered its support to in this coming year, is to our community based PopUpScience Centres running in the Fenland market towns. Our 'STEM in the Fens' Centres have provided dedicated spaces for family and schools to gain immersive STEM learning experiences throughout last year. As we move into our second year, AstraZeneca's support will continue to play a pivotal role in developing our relationship with these communities more deeply and help us to connect with further schools."

Lisa King, Director of UK STEM & Community Engagement at AstraZeneca, commended the work of Cambridge Science Centre and underscored the significance of the partnership for AstraZeneca's commitment to engage with underserved communities, including those in the Fenland region. AstraZeneca views the Centre as a valuable ally and is committed to continuing its support for this essential educational charity.

Lisa said: "Our collaboration with Cambridge Science Centre is integral to our UK STEM outreach efforts. The Centre not only helps us extend the reach of our STEM programme, helping us to build a diverse and inclusive pipeline, the partnership also serves as a source of continued inspiration, ideas, and enthusiasm."

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