Colour analysis of plastics with colorimeters

The tabletop spectrometers of the PCE-CSM 3x series from PCE Instruments are used for diverse applications in colour measurement. Measuring the colour of plastics and determining the colour difference values to ensure colour consistency of different batches, components and coloured plastic products is one of the typical applications. Ever-increasing demands in terms of product quality as well as the necessity to communicate objectively determined colour values throughout the complete production process and supply chain make colour spectrometers indispensable tools.

With the spectrometers from PCE Instruments, material samples of various compositions can be measured. In addition to solid, powdery and pasty samples, even liquids can be measured.

It does not matter whether the samples are opaque, transparent or translucent as these spectrometers can be used for reflectance measurements as well as for transmittance measurements. Meaningful readings can be obtained with the spectrometers as several standard light sources can be selected, UV light can be added, different interchangeable measuring apertures can be used, SCI and SCE modes can be activated and the measuring geometries d/8 and d/0 can be used. The spectrometers do not only provide the colour coordinates from colour spaces such as CIE Lab, LCh, Munsell or s-RGB but also determine the colour differences based on several colour difference formulas like Eab, Euv, E94, Ecmc or E99, etc. The spectrometers can also measure chromaticity values, opacity, whiteness, yellowness, metamerism and also provide spectral reflectance and transmittance curves.

An effective software allows for numerical as well as graphical documentation and evaluation of the readings. This makes reliable and clear communication possible as standardised and globally recognised colour values can be used. With all these possibilities, spectrometers are not only ideal to ensure that quality requirements throughout the complete production process are met – they are also an essential tool in research and development, in the analysis of formulae, for evaluating new raw materials, additives and polymers as they help reliably determining the colour of a plastic product throughout its complete life cycle. Its colour is an essential characteristic of quality.

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