Government’s recommendation on cloud backup for businesses and schools

Breathe Technology says: have you seen the government’s latest recommendations for businesses and schools? We have compiled a document for you.

Private Cloud

To download click here.

We offer the ideal solution for meeting the guidelines while also securing your systems. Not just against lost or corrupted information, but also physical disasters and other threats, such as malware encrypting your network or a hacked system.

Offsite backup that is simple, friendly, and cost-effective, hosted locally in our private cloud, called Breathe Easy – Private Cloud.

You can use your own hardware or we can provide it. Alternatively you can use our virtual storage. If you need full disaster recovery replication, that is possible too!

Please let me know if I can schedule a call with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team by emailing or call us on 01223 209 920. I’m sure you’ll be surprised how easy and cost effective it can be.

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