Media and entertainment giant significantly expands Darktrace coverage across its business

Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security AI, has announced that one of Europe’s largest media conglomerates has expanded coverage of Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI to defend the business from sophisticated and disruptive cyber-threats.

Televison studio__ Image by RAEng_Publications from Pixabay

The company, which serves tens of millions of consumers and businesses across Europe, has decided to bolster its cyber defence by expanding Darktrace’s coverage across its digital enterprise and signed a multi-million-dollar deal with Darktrace across several contracts. It has deployed Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System to interrupt novel threats as they arise, be these in the cloud or the corporate network, by learning the digital DNA of the business.

The media and entertainment industry has been targeted by attackers looking to steal and monetise valuable assets such as intellectual property through extortion. Whether hackers are seeking financial gain or looking to promote an ideological cause, the industry is ripe with opportunity for crippling threats such as ransomware. Darktrace’s AI can stop ransomware in seconds, and stops an attack somewhere in the world every minute.

“Reliable and trustworthy sources of media and information play an essential role in our society, and broadcasting in particular has proven to be a critical service as the world has navigated the pandemic,” said Poppy Gustafsson OBE, CEO of Darktrace. “I am delighted that Darktrace is expanding its reach across such a major customer in this space, so that our AI technology can spot and stop threats before news stations are taken down or confidential data is stolen.”


Image: A typical television studio. Image by RAEng_Publications from Pixabay

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