New scales from PCE Instruments can be verified for trade

PCE Instruments expands its range of legal-for-trade scales by several models.

PCE Instruments Scales

These include compact scales, various types of platform scales, weighing beams and U-shaped scales. While the
compact scales are initially only offered for a maximum load of three kilogrammes , the platform scales are available for 60 kg, 150 kg and 300 kg and the beam scales, U-shaped scales and animal scales for 1,500 kg and 3,000 kg maximum load.

With the newly offered legal-for-trade platform scales, there are not only different versions with regard to the maximum load but also with regard to the platform sizes, the display arrangement and the additional features. Here is a list of the models that will soon be available:

a) PCE-MS PC Series
Platform scales with lateral carrying handle and display on semi-rigid spiral cable with weighing platform in the dimensions 30 cm x 40 cm or 60 cm x 70 cm or two lateral handles and transport rollers with weighing platform in the dimensions 65 cm x 95 cm

b) PCE-MS PF Series
Platform scales with tiltable and foldable display stand with weighing platform in the dimensions 45 cm x 42 cm c) PCE-MS PP Series Platform scales with removable display stand and support with weighing platform in the dimensions 60 cm x 70 cm

d) PCE-MS AC Series
Platform scales with additional cage for weighing living animals with weighing platform in the dimensions 90 x 200 cm

Trolley with scales

The new scales will be available soon. They comply with accuracy class III and are delivered conformity-assessed. This includes the corresponding marking on the nameplate and the papers required under legalisation for trade law. The scales are thus deemed to be legal fro trade according to the current EU regulations.

In addition, two pallet truck models with integrated legalfor-trade scales are new to PCE Instruments' product range. Both have a weighing range of up to 2,000 kilogrammes. One of the models is verified for trade as a dual-range balance. With the dual-range balance, a lower verification scale interval applies to loads up to 1,000 kg so that higher accuracies are achieved when weighing in the lower weighing range.

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