What are the benefits of Drone Traffic Surveys?

Having completed a Traffic Survey for a Cambridge-based client, we've taken to the blog to talk about the huge benefits a drone can bring to various stakeholders.

drone capture of a carpark

In 2023, Skytech Cambridge launched drone traffic surveys as a new service offering primarily aimed at urban planners and local authorities. 

Having carried out a number of data-rich traffic surveys effective at detecting and tracking traffic (including pedestrians) our Founder and Lead Drone Pilot, Marc Mann, explains five key benefits of using a drone for traffic survey analysis:

  1. Efficiency: By their nature, the elevated positioning of drones provides the best possible vantage point to quickly and efficiently capture a comprehensive view of traffic patterns without the need for extensive manpower or resources.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to traditional manual surveys, drones are often more cost-effective, requiring fewer resources and personnel to conduct surveys.
  3. Safety: Our drones have a proven track record. They can be continuously operated to discreetly and safely capture a wide range of different datasets in a wide range of different environments.
  4. Data Accuracy: Skytech drones are equipped to discreetly and safely capture detailed data, providing accurate information about traffic flow, congestion, and patterns.
  5. Real-time Monitoring: With advancements in technology, our drones can transmit data in real-time, enabling immediate analysis and decision-making for traffic management and urban planning purposes.

This video demonstrates part of a drone traffic survey in action in Cambridgeshire for a client who was looking to establish traffic flows at peak times. The junction, although relatively new, was subject to bottlenecking during busy periods.

Drones traffic surveys can efficiently capture a number of insightful data points including:

  1. Vehicle speed analysis 
  2. Traffic classification detection
  3. Zone waiting time analysis
  4. Automatic traffic counters such as flow of traffic and crossing counts

"We were able to capture comprehensive video evidence for our client highlighting the areas of concern at this junction. In addition, we performed a thorough analysis of the data and delivered a summary report detailing key metrics relevant to the clients objectives, as well as the original raw data." - Marc Mann, Skytech Cambridge Ltd

Who benefits from Drone Traffic Surveys?

There are an increasing number of companies who would benefit from traffic analysis such as:

  • Transportation Authorities: whether for local, regional, or national needs, council teams may order drone traffic surveys to monitor roadways, bridges, and transportation networks for congestion, traffic flow, and infrastructure planning purposes.
  • Urban Planners: may use drone traffic surveys to gather data on traffic patterns, pedestrian movement, and urban development to inform zoning decisions, transportation infrastructure projects, and house planning projects.
  • Construction Companies: drone traffic surveys are useful to monitor construction sites, assess traffic impacts, and ensure compliance with safety regulations during construction projects.
  • Event Organizers: Organizers of large events, such as festivals, concerts, or sports events, may order drone traffic surveys to monitor crowd movement, traffic congestion, and public safety during the event. Learn how we support the Cambridge Half Marathon organisers here

In summary, drone traffic surveys offer a versatile and efficient tool for gathering valuable data, improving traffic management strategies, and enhancing overall transportation systems.


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