Cambridge Electric Transport Ltd

CET develops and manages a range of zero-emission transport solutions and services based on e-bikes and lightweight electric vehicles, piloting them initially in Cambridge for deployment across the world.

CETC has embarked on a comprehensive zero-emission urban transport strategy based on lightweight electric vehicles, which it is piloting in Cambridge for progressive deployment across the world. It has started by providing an e-bike commuter service for commuters from Cambridge Park & Rides to major employment hubs around the city like Addenbrooke's/Cambridge Biomedical Campus and the Science Park. This service is aimed at converting non-cyclists to the benefits of assisted cycling, as well as reducing car journeys and congestion.

Parallel with this immediate fix, CETC is developing an all-weather electric CitiPod for mass deployment. The CitiPod conforms to EU regulations for e-bikes, qualifies for use on existing road and cycleway infrastructure and can be driven by all ages from 14+ without a licence, tax or insurance.

The Citi-Pod will have progressive stages of autonomy over a 3-5 year programme, building on IOT and AI technology currently evolving for the transport sector.

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