Breaking free from travel and tourism - Visitor attraction research set to improve online experiences

Rubber Cheese announces the launch of the 2022 Visitor Attraction Website Survey, a new piece of gap analysis research looking into what ‘good’ looks like for visitor attraction websites.

2022 Visitor Attraction Website Survey

The 2022 Visitor Attraction Website Survey will be an annual look into the ways in which online experiences for a variety of visitor attraction types globally perform, and produce realistic insights into the sector which has previously been difficult to assess as it has been bundled in with insight on the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. 

The anonymous global survey will investigate everything from size and location of attraction, through to CMS choice, website upgrade budgets and more, to provide marketing professionals within this sector, actionable comparisons, allowing them to better plan their activities for the coming year. 

The survey has the support of leading visitor attraction bodies including The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA) & The Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions (ASVA).

Gordon Morrison, CEO of ASVA commented that “ASVA see this work as being fundamental to supporting the recovery of the sector following the pandemic and indeed, will contribute to Scotland’s future tourism strategy, where we have the ambition of being a world leader in 21st century tourism.” 

Kelly Molson, Managing Director of Rubber Cheese, the agency behind the survey and report said “Uncoupling the visitor attraction sector from travel and hospitality is vital to allow these businesses to really understand the experience they provide for their customers. At Rubber Cheese, we understand the value of a well performing web presence on this type of business and believe that if we can illustrate what good really looks like, we can help more visitor attractions leverage the power of their websites.”

By collating data on visitor attractions specifically and removing it from the overarching ‘travel, tourism and hospitality’ sectors where it has lived previously, the 2022 Visitor Attraction Website Survey will enable professionals to see true figures that can influence their marketing spend and online user experience. 

  • Data won’t be skewed from travel and hotel sites where basket abandonment is at over 70%
  • Specific attractions will be able to compare and contrast with each other to get an accurate picture of what good looks like for them
  • The annual survey will illustrate trends over time, allowing attractions to begin to benchmark their performance - something which is currently almost impossible to do. 

The 2022 Visitor Attraction Website Survey will go live on 6th June and be open for submissions until the end of August. For more information and to complete the survey, visit​​​​​​.


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