A webinar woe, and a quick and easy fix

By Simon HallSimon writes of his schoolboy error of webinar woe, and how to fix it fast... 

I made a fundamental mistake when I did my first webinar, last month.

It was schoolboy stuff when I think back on it, and my only excuse can be that it was all so very new, this trying to teach online lark.

Any guesses what it was, from this photographic evidence of the crime?

It’s a simple, but important point.

I think you’ve probably got it...

Yes, I was sitting down. Silly me. 

Why is that wrong?

Well, think about if you were giving a lecture, or a talk to an audience in person.

You wouldn’t sit down, would you?

And fundamentally, a webinar is no different, despite the method of delivery. It’s still a performance.

If you sit down, what happens to your voice?

It’s much more cramped up inside you, lacking projection and certainty.

And what about your authority?

It might not look much different to the people on the other end of the line, but what about the way you feel?

Are you as commanding sitting down, as when you stand?

Don’t forget the energy of the performance, either. And that’s important, too.

There’s much more drive when you’re on your feet, compared to your backside.

Yes, it’s tempting to sit down at your desk, but resist that siren call.

You’ll perform far better on your feet.

Practically speaking, I’m lucky in that I have a standing desk for such occasions, but you can always improvise.

A pile of sturdy books will do the trick. And it’s worth the effort, believe me.

Since that first effort, I’ve presented all my webinars standing up...

And the feedback, and my feeling about the performance, has been far the finer for it.


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