Form the Future CIC

Form the Future connects schools and businesses to help young people prepare for their future careers.

Students gain insight, skills and experience while businesses can invest in their future workforce. Form the Future delivers the skills programme for the Greater Cambridge Partnership, an employer-led STEM outreach programme called Cambridge LaunchPad as well as a range of other career-related activities.

Products and services

Greater Cambridge Apprenticeships

The Greater Cambridge Partnership wants to increase the number of apprenticeships to help businesses attract and develop highly skilled staff and create career opportunities for residents.

Greater Cambridge Apprenticeships is delivered by Form the Future CIC and Cambridge Regional College.

Apprenticeships are a great way to move from education into work, allowing young people to gain hands-on experience whilst earning a salary.

They also allow employers to recruit and train new talent with the necessary skills to succeed in their business and industry, which is particularly beneficial in sectors experiencing skills shortages.

The GCP service facilitates and grows connections between employers, schools, candidates and training providers to increase the number of apprenticeship opportunities across Greater Cambridge.


Cambridge Launchpad

Cambridge LaunchPad was originally developed by Marshall to inspire a love and fascination of engineering, science and technology in young people, and help educate them about the exciting career opportunities that exist in STEM. Specifically, it was designed to address the significant gender gap which exists in STEM employment. According to WISE, boys are three times more likely to take a STEM degree than girls, and women make up only 13% of the current STEM workforce.

It is aimed at providing support, experiences and opportunities in engineering, science and technology to students in Cambridgeshire schools, aged 8 to 18.

The scheme supports and contributes to the growing demand for engineering, science and technology skills in the Cambridge area.

Cambridge LaunchPad aims to inspire and enthuse young people about STEM.

A team of young employees designed – and continues to develop – this programme to reward students through experiences rather than monetary gifts or bursaries. Students are supported through their school careers, beginning in year 4 (aged 8) and are encouraged, post 18, to join the alumni where they become ambassadors to the younger members of the scheme.

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