Blighter Surveillance Systems Ltd

Blighter Surveillance Systems Ltd is a UK-based electronic-scanning radar and sensor solution provider delivering an integrated multi-sensor package to systems integrators comprising the Blighter electronic-scanning radars, cameras, thermal imagers, trackers and software solutions.

The Blighter family of radar products can be used to detect a wide variety of moving objects including: crawling and walking persons, land vehicles, boats and low flying aircraft (including UAVs).  The radars use a microwave radio signal to scan areas of land or water which can extend up to 32 km in range and up to a full 360° in azimuth.  The family of Blighter products and configurations allow cost effective solutions to be selected for a variety of market areas including defencenational border securitycritical infrastructure protection and coastal security.  The Blighter radar family includes medium-range battery-powered portable systems for rapid deployment, medium-range mast mounted mobile systems and long-range fixed installation and mobile systems.

The Blighter electronic-scanning (e-scan) FMCW Doppler ground surveillance radar (GSR) is a unique patented product that provides robust intruder detection capabilities under the most difficult terrain and weather conditions.  With no mechanical moving parts and 100% solid-state design, the Blighter radar family of products are extremely reliable and robust and require no routine maintenance for five years.  The Blighter radar can operate over land and water, rapidly searching for intruders as small as a crawling person or a kayak and is even able to detect low flying objects.  In its long-range modes the Blighter radar can rapidly scan an area in excess of 3,000 km² to ensure that intruders are detected, identified and intercepted before they reach critical areas.

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