HR Audits - How to Ensure Compliance from Day One

In this webinar, we will be discussing how to take a proactive approach to ensure employers meets their legal obligations when it comes to HR. A HR audit is a process of gap analysis where, in this case, employers will be looking for any areas within their systems which do not align to current legal obligations. Failing to meet legal obligations can lead to industrial disputes or tribunal claims so there are many areas to consider when it comes to employment rights and best practice.

Webinar programme

  • What does HR compliance mean?
  • Why is HR compliance important?
  • Key people responsible for ensuring HR compliance?
  • How to be compliant
  • Key areas of HR compliance
  • Taking HR compliance up a level

Who is this webinar aimed at?

  • HR professionals
  • Line managers
  • Business owners
  • Those who are looking to expand their knowledge and are responsible for employment issues within their organisation.

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