Microsoft Office 365 User Training Power BI and Teams Beginners

Power BI - What are the Benefits? You have imported a large amount of data from your company database into an Excel spreadsheet. You now need to share this information. Why not transform your hard to read, dry spreadsheet into a powerful interactive dashboard? Use Power BI in conjunction with Teams to create an easy to read, professional Power BI app dashboard?

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Customise Teams by adding Power BI as an app to a channel. Every member of your team who has access to that channel will be able to interact with the Power BI dashboard. In that way, the users will probably come up with answers to questions you never even thought of. To be able to share Power BI reports each member of your team will need a Power BI license

During this course you will:

Use Microsoft Power BI to:

  • Create Reports
  • Model Data
  • Share Power BI Data

Use Microsoft Teams to:

  • Manage Messages
  • Manage Teams
  • Work with Teams Apps
  • Explore Teams Meetings
  • Share a Power BI Dashboard

By the end of this course delegates will be able to comfortably navigate their way around their chosen Office 365 applications

Office 365 User Training - All you need to know.

Power BI Training - All you need to know. 

Course Outline

Microsoft Office 365 Power BI and Teams Beginners

Introduction to Power BI

  • Getting and Installing Power BI
  • Importing Data
  • Online vs Desktop
  • Restrictions of Using the Free Power BI Version

Basic Data Cleaning

  • Transforming Data
  • Removing Errors
  • Removing Duplicates
  • Ensuring Correct Data Types

Creating a Report

  • Creating Bar Chart
  • Creating a Matrix
  • Using Cards to Present Simple Data
  • Filtering Visuals, Pages and Reports
  • Navigating Reports

Modeling Data

  • Viewing Data Models
  • Relating Tables
  • What Makes a Good Model?

Sharing Power BI Data

  • Publishing
  • Exporting
  • Viewing on Mobile App

Microsoft Office 365 Teams

Teams Basics

  • Sending a Message
  • The Etiquette of Conversations
  • Adding Pictures to messages
  • Adding Hyperlinks to Messages
  • Using Emoji’s
  • Using Meme’s
  • Creating a Poll
  • Getting Attention in Teams
  • Creating a Teams Announcement
  • Sending to Multiple Channels

Managing Teams

  • Adding/Removing Members of a Team
  • Changing Member Permissions
  • Changing Team Settings
  • Creating a Channel

Working with Teams Apps

  • Sharing a File
  • Version History
  • Using the Wiki
  • Adding a Tab to a Channel
  • Finding more apps for your Team

Teams Meetings

  • Scheduling a Meeting
  • Creating a Teams Online Meeting Link
  • Add a Virtual Background
  • Sharing the Screen
  • Recording a Meeting
  • Transcribing a Meeting

Teams and Power BI

  • Sharing a Dashboard Through Teams
  • Adding a Power BI Tab

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Training Delivery: Live Online Instructor Led & Classroom Face to Face

Course Duration: 1 Day

Please note this course is available for private booking on a date convenient for you. 

This 1-day course is available either at your premises or at the Cambourne training venue.  If you would like to book this course, please email us, and we'll let you know the available dates.  As soon as a date has been fixed the training day will be booked. 


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