How to get a resilient and productive team

Improve your productivity and resilience with the Shapes Toolkit

This course is a powerful blend of neuroscience, coaching principles and practical techniques that really work. It blends individual resilience skills with productivity and team development to equip delegates with the tools they need to thrive in today’s challenging workplace.

The Shapes Toolkit has been developed by Dr Rachel Morris through her work as a GP and as a team coach working with doctors and other professionals working on the front line. She noticed that resilience was about so much more than just wellbeing; it involved helping people to manage their time better, enabling better conversations and helping people get out of the ‘rescuer’ or ‘victim’ role which can be overwhelming and exhausting.


Learning Outcomes

You will become more resilient, productive and enable better one to one conversations with your teams around stress and adaptability.

Each ‘shape’ represents a simple model to use as a prompt to help navigate issues of resilience in the workplace. For example, using the prioritisation matrix when you feel overwhelmed. The shapes are visual and tangible to provide a quickly identifiable solution to a problem. As a consequence, you will be empowered to be more proactive, productive and resourceful.

The Shapes Toolkit is especially relevant to professionals in stressful and demanding jobs where the workload is high. It offers tools that people can use straight away to address issues in their day-to-day work.

Through using the Shapes Toolkit, you will:

  • Prioritise your time and workload

  • Recognise when you are heading towards burnout

  • Increase your own wellbeing

  • Identify and change the things that cause you stress at work

  • Change your reaction to stressful events

  • Have better conversations with your teams

  • Identify when you are stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour, taking the ‘victim’ mentality



The programme will take place over two x half days as an interactive virtual workshop. The Shapes Toolkit can also be delivered internally and is fully flexible.


“Do it - fantastic and essential” City and Guilds Group

“It was the best training I've ever done honestly!” Cambridge University Press

“Overall the results are great – team motivation, sense of team pride and belief all have increased significantly since the programme” Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring


Course Details

Duration: 2 x half days Credits: 2
Times: 9.30am - 12.30pm Member Cost: £300+VAT
Max. Delegates: 12 Non-member Cost: £450+VAT

*Membership from £50+VAT per annum - join now and save on training