2022 is the decisive year in Lingang New Area

When answering a question about the Lingang New Area of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Gong Zheng said that the establishment of the Lingang New Area of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone is one of the three major new tasks entrusted to Shanghai. 

Three major developments are planned:

The first is to develop emerging industries. 

In 2021, new energy vehicles became the first industrial cluster in the new area with a value of 100 billion yuan. In 2022, the target is to break through 100 billion yuan in the high-end equipment industry. In addition, the three major industries of integrated circuits, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence will double by this year, and strive to create a new height of industrial development.

The second is to further promote a new round of institutional plans. 

While implementing the overall plan, encourage trade supervision and financial openings and implement a greater degree of stress testing and risk testing.

The third is to focus on cultivating new functional platforms. 

Relying on the Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone, accelerate the construction of functional platforms such as international transfer and consolidation, and promote the development of innovative formats such as bonded maintenance and green remanufacturing.

Editor: Qiu Xiaohui

Source: Shangguan News

Reporters: Zhu Minxi, Wang Haiyan, Mao Guanjun, Wang Xianle, Gu Jie, Hu Xingyang, Zhou Chengyi


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