3di Poland opens in January 2016

The 3di Poland office opens for business from January. The company is excited to have Pawel Kowaluk join the team as its Technical Director based in Krakow.

  3di  writes:   Pawel has spent the last seven years developing the technical communication capability and teams at Motorola Solutions in Krakow, and for the last year or so has been the Documentation Technology and Innovation Lead. He has also been busy encouraging the professional development of technical communicators in Poland, founding and supporting the exciting soap! Conference, and the ITCQF certification programme. He joins 3di to build our team in Krakow, lead the business development in Poland, and provide technical consultancy and R&D leadership across the business.   Paul Ballard, 3di Managing Director explains our strategy: “We have worked with some talented Polish technical communicators in recent years, and within the growing community that soap! represents, there is a clear and widespread passion for helping companies solve their communication challenges - in just the ways that 3di aims to. As 3di grows, some of our customers in the UK, Europe and the US, will need us to have capacity and expertise beyond our team in Ripley; establishing and developing a team in Krakow will make a significant contribution to our capability and competitiveness.”   Pawel Kowaluk, Technical Director, 3di Poland comments, "This is big news for our technical communication professionals, and a great opportunity for accelerating 3di's growth. In the coming years, the team will look forward to working with customers in the UK, Poland, across Europe and in the US. In the short term, 3di customers will now have access to Polish technical authors who bring together innovation, passion, and excellence. We expect to see new approaches to solving problems, as well as a display of the famous Polish work ethic. We will be starting to recruit from early January and I am very excited about 2016 and beyond."   More news will follow soon! In the meantime, if you would like to know more you can call Paul at the Ripley office, and from January, Pawel will be contactable in Krakow! ____________________________________

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