Amantys Power Electronics wins UKRI Fast Start competition award

Amantys has won funding to develop a technology that will assist in maintaining robustness and resilience in critical energy and transport infrastructure. This was a competitive award under the UK Government’s Fast Start competition. The successful projects are overseen by Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation.

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The project will extend Amantys’ proprietary semiconductor junction temperature estimation technology, to predict the condition of the power electronics in converter stacks. This is vital for extending lifetime and maximising return on investment.

The funding will help to develop remote, real-time monitoring of the condition of power electronics in converters for offshore wind turbines, power grids and those in rail traction systems. It will enable early predictive maintenance, reducing the risk of catastrophic failures and maximising up time of the assets in question.

Benefits include the reduced cost of asset ownership and operation, overall reduction in carbon emissions and greater resilience, particularly important in times of crisis.

Dr Angus Bryant, Systems Architect at Amantys commented: “It is great to see this fundamental technology recognised by Innovate UK, and the funding will enable us to move us closer to reducing the total cost of ownership of power converters in mission-critical applications, particularly those at megawatt scale”.

Dr Keith Ferguson, General Manager of Amantys, commented: ”We are really pleased that UKRI has recognised t this Amantys technology and its potential societal benefits and we are looking forward to engaging with early adopters in the energy and transport markets to help them add value to their products and services”


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