Antigena Email and Enterprise Immune System designated Marsh Cyber Catalysts 2020

Darktrace, the world’s leading cyber AI company, has announced that two of its core products have been designated as Marsh ‘Cyber Catalyst’ solutions. The programme brings together leading cyber insurers to identify solutions they believe most effective in reducing cyber risk.

Darktrace’s core AI threat detection technology, the Enterprise Immune System, and its AI-powered email security solution, Antigena Email, received Cyber Catalyst designation for their unique ability to combat the cyber risks facing organisations today, including ransomware and social engineering. Designated solutions can qualify for enhanced terms and conditions on cyber insurance policies offered by insurers participating in the Cyber Catalyst programme, such as AXA XL, Allianz, AXIS and Beazley.

Thomas Reagan, Cyber Practice Leader at Marsh, commented: “The Cyber Catalyst designation signals that leading insurers believe that these Darktrace solutions can help reduce cyber risk, and strongly merits consideration by organisations who seek solutions that yield meaningful improvements in cyber risk outcomes.”

Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System protects against novel cyber-threats by learning the normal ‘patterns of life’ of an organisation and detecting threats as they deviate from these patterns. In their evaluation, the insurers commented: “This is a unique product where machine learning/AI plays a core part in protecting, detecting, and responding to threats… [providing] a force multiplier to the security operations centre.”

Darktrace’s Antigena Email is a self-learning technology that stops targeted email campaigns and impersonation attacks that evade traditional email gateways. The insurers commented: “A very novel context-based approach that asks not whether an incoming email is malicious but crucially whether it belongs – clearly valuable for organisations.”

“This designation reflects the participating cyber insurers’ acknowledgement that autonomous Cyber AI technologies can significantly reduce the business impact of cyber-attacks by empowering organisations to identify and neutralise threats in their earliest stages,” commented Nicole Eagan, Chief Strategy & AI Officer at Darktrace. “We applaud the thorough vetting of technologies that these insurers have performed, the high bar they have set, and the service they are providing to the industry by certifying Darktrace among the vendors in the Cyber Catalyst programme.”

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