Are you measuring what matters most to your customers?

Service delivery is all about thinking like your customers. How do we know if you're getting this right? Especially now that the impact of Covid has changed so much. One important question to ask yourself is this... Are you measuring what matters most to your customers?


Or are you still focusing on traditional metrics?

Metrics that focus solely on cost and efficiency.

And ultimately reflect the demands of meeting internal targets.

Perhaps, now is the time to upgrade your KPIs?

Obviously, you still need to measure cost and efficiency.

But, you can also do this through the prism of customer experience.

Leading service providers are already walking in their customers' shoes and remodelling their KPIs.

▶This short presentation highlights 4 new metrics that shift the focus towards measuring service success as it is perceived by your customers.

Peter Drucker famously said: "What gets measured, gets managed"

So, it's worth making sure you're measuring the right things in the right way to keep improving your service in the eyes of your customers.

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