Are you thinking of upgrading to Microsoft 365?

Then this is for you!Perhaps you’re holding back because the word, “upgrade” is enough to scare anyone away.Most organisations don’t commit to an upgrade until they are forced to. However, in the case of Office 365, the benefits you’ll get from making a move that is delightfully easy are without a doubt worth the commitment.

why upgrade to Microsoft 365

Here are just a few very good reasons to upgrade to Office 365:

  1. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows

  2. Security and Malware protection built-in

  3. Everything you need for improved office productivity and collaboration under umbrella

  4. Fast, easy deployment and installation

  5. Smooth, seamless software updates

  6. Secure Cloud storage

  7. Improved communication

  8. Freedom from Hardware, Backups … and Storage

  9. Work from anywhere

  10. Microsoft Office 365 is integrated across all devices

Get help upgrading to Microsoft Office 365

Whether you need Office 365 for busines or home use, our experienced team at Breathe will ensure the switch runs smoothly.

Give us a call on 01223 20 99 20 or email Alternatively go to our website at and use our live chat to get a quick response!

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