Argon Design launches real-time video stitching IP - Argon360


Argon Design Ltd, a design services company specialising in digital video, is launching Argon360, a unique hardware-based real time video stitching technology, at the NAB Show in Las Vegas this week (18-21 April 2016).


The prominence of 360-degree panoramic video (often termed immersive video or Cinematic VR) is increasing, with users at all levels from consumer to film studio and there is now a high level of interest and support from companies such as Google and Facebook. Stitching of the video output from multiple image sensors is a crucial element in the capture of 360-degree panoramic content and doing this complex processing in real-time is essential for applications such a live streaming of sporting events or news. Real time stitching will be increasingly desirable for consumer products, where users increasingly expect live streaming capability for social media and the simplicity of a single output video file for upload to sites such as YouTube.

Using scalable hardware based technology, Argon360 offers a unique combination of high quality stitching in real time, with the additional benefits of compact form factor and low power consumption. The patent pending Argon360 technology is available as an IP core building block for incorporation into an ASIC, offering the ultimate in performance for volume produced products. It is also available for FPGA implementations, suitable for lower volume products.

Steve Barlow, CTO of Argon Design explained: “Argon360 is the culmination of a series of internal research projects which started with the investigation of topics including simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) and stereo depth perception techniques. We recognised that some of the ideas we had used in those research projects could be applied to correcting parallax artefacts that can present major challenges when stitching video from multiple cameras.”

Clifford Dive, Argon’s VP of Business Development continued: “Market research indicated a number of excellent software-based stitching solutions for use in post-production, but also an unsatisfied demand for a high performance real-time solution. After considering a number of approaches, we concluded that a hardware-based design would have the performance and scalability required to address a broad range of market needs for panoramic video, from live broadcast to consumer action cameras.”

Image: Sample video frame from a panoramic video

For more information visit, contact or call Clifford Dive on  +44 (0) 1223 422 355.


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