Aspiring innovators podcast: What does Covid-19 mean for the economy?

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The latest CUTalks podcast features Ozan Özkural, the founder of Tanto Capital Partners, who discusses how companies can survive, macroeconomic trends and the economic consequences of Covid-19.

CUTalks is the podcast of the Cambridge University Technology & Enterprise Club. The podcast series for aspiring innovators talks to business professionals across a range of fields, sharing what they learned along the way.

In this episode, the CUTalk hosts speak with Ozan Özkural, a co-founder of Tanto Capital Partners. He is a global emerging markets fund manager and financial advisor with a background in senior investment banking.

We discussed macroeconomic trends currently being seen, global political and economic consequences, how sectors may morph in the future, and what you (as an individual or a leading figure in your company) can do to survive.

This is a recording from a live webinar event that took place on 27th April 2020.


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The podcast is produced by Carl Homer of Cambridge TV.

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