'Back to work' scheme is now supported

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Baker Lane House Consulting supports senior managers or subject matter experts to get back to work after redundancy. The employers will have the candidate for a free trial period of eight to 12 weeks before starting a probation period. During this six month period, the firm will provide coaching to the employees and employers as needed to ensure a smooth transition.

Baker Lane House Consulting says: "The programme has been well received by the companies, we’ve presented this for. We are in the process of placing candidates.

"We have candidates with the following skills sets

  • Project managers
  • Research manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Development psychologist
  • Developers 
  • Two young candidates are looking for apprenticeship to become developers

"Please contact phuong@mynextcareer.uk for more details about how your company can benefit from the programme."

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We help companies in hiring (reliable employee, good retention), performing (strong governance) and expansion internationally as well as business development and fund raising.

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