The business lessons we can learn from an 11-year-old

A video still showing a PhD student teaching a child about quantum mechanics

A science experiment filmed by Cambridge TV Training gives more than just a straight answer.

Cambridge TV  writes:

Sometimes in our work we are reminded of something important.

PhD student Mithuna wanted to see if an 11-year-old student could wrap her head around quantum mechanics. And in the process she gleaned something interesting.

Mithuna said: "I was really happy with how the experient went, especially when Alice asked all those questions. It showed she understood things but also that she was willing to ask when she didn't understand things.

"I think what is great about children is that they are willing to show that they don't understand, and a problem that we all have as adults is that we try to pretend that we know more than we do and this stops us from learning."

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