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Adelina Chalmers and James Parton of the business podcast Scaling, Failing & Prevailing

The business podcast Scaling, Failing and Prevailing - with hosts Adelina Chalmers and James Parton - has now reached the 10th episode, and for the first time they focus on marketing.

This podcast with Edward Bass, the founder and director of EntSight, covers why people should care about your product and overcoming what might be a massive wall of indifference, audience clarity, market research, feedback loops, the language of tribes, influencers, and more!

Edward came to marketing via a different route. He was in the music field, running club nights and promoting bands, where he developed skills and strategies in marketing. He then moved into agency jobs working with large brands, and his work was based on data and insights.

He developed ways of using social and online sample data to help brands wanting to invest in a celebrity, film or TV show or music video, to make sure they are investing in the right choice, while being responsive to their audience.

He is now the founder of EntSight, a company that works with large brands, entertainment groups and hedge funds to help them understand the preferences, behaviours and passions of their target audiences and identify these and develop strategies to respond to them.

Edward tells the podcast: "The nature of digital marketing, of digital communications, has meant that audiences are much more addressable. You go online and you see a Facebook advert or a banner ad - that's  generally there because it has identified you as having a certain set preferences and interests.

"We were acutely aware of that when we set up EntSight. We also thought this wasn't being responded to by research companies - there's all this data here."


More about the podcast

The podcast helps start-ups and corporates to learn from each other through great conversations.

Adelina is known as The Geek Whisperer and works in tech start-ups and corporates, enabling geeks at all levels to talk to each other. She also helps startups from Cambridge University to secure investment.

James has worked in corporate innovation and experienced the fabled unicorn journey in the USA. Today he runs the Bradfield Centre in Cambridge where they help tech companies scale.

The podcast is produced by Carl Homer (Cambridge TV) and the branding was created by Tanya and Anne-Marie at Carbon Orange.

If you have questions for Adelina and James, or suggestions for future guests, get in touch.

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