Cable detectors enable search and find


Cable detectors are used when cables, wires, circuits, short circuits and earth faults are to be localised. Detection is possible in masonry and concrete, in the ground as well outside on the road during field measurements.

PCE Instruments has several cable detectors like the PCE-180 CBN in its product range.

The PCE-180 CBN consists of a signal transmitter and a highly sensitive receiver. The search starts at the end socket or a cable core, whereby the signal transmitter of the cable detector sends a coded signal into the cable. In many cabling systems, it is often not clear which cable belongs to which connection and how the respective cable course has been arranged. Thanks to the cable detector, necessary drillings in the wall can be carried out safely and without risk. Even connections and cable interruptions in channels or cable bundles can be found and diagnosed.

With the cable detector PCE-180 CBN, it is possible to check a voltage-free cable and its course without having to demolish walls or open insulation and cable ducts. All conventional cables, network cables and coaxial cables can be inspected and tested with the PCE-180 CBN. The tester / receiver can also be used with other tone generators for cable tracking. For connection, the tone generator has crocodile clips and a network connector.

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