Cambridge Filmworks teams up with VLSIresearch to explain Critical Subsystems

Critical Subsystems are the $12Bn industry that you’ve probably never heard of. You can add another $7Bn if you include Critical Components. Many don’t realise the important role Critical Subsystems & Components suppliers play in developing the latest technology for modern society.

Cambridge Filmworks has teamed up with VLSIresearch to help explain Critical Subsystems and their vital role in our everyday technology.

VLSIresearch defines Critical Subsystems as highly engineered and specialised technologies which actively affect substrate processing during device manufacturing. Critical Subsystems technologies including fluid, integrated process diagnistics, power, optical subsystems and many more.

Employing a fun mix of presenter-led narration and dynamic animation, Cambridge Filmworks' new film explains how Critical Subsystems are the basis for much of our modern technology and their importance in the manufacturing supply chain.


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