Cambridge Intelligence launches ReGraph 2.0

animated gif showing ReGraph, the graph data visualization toolkit for React developers.

Cambridge Intelligence has released the latest major version of ReGraph, the graph data visualization toolkit for React developers.

With ReGraph’s simple data-driven API, it’s quick and easy to add graph visualizations to your React applications and ship them to users wherever they are. The headline feature in ReGraph 2.0 is an intuitive new way to handle layout adjustments, which helps analysts track changes to their data more easily.

While automatic layouts are essential for making sense of complex networks, investigators and analysts trying to follow the activities of specific people, accounts or devices don’t necessarily want to run a full layout every time there’s a change to the items in their chart.

With new adaptive layouts, every time something is added, expanded or removed from the visualization, components move just as much as they need to and no more. This makes it easier to track key items in the data more easily and trust ReGraph’s dynamic adjustments to get the layout just right.

To help you get up to speed with adaptive layouts, ReGraph 2.0 also features a new showcase demo that illustrates how to disrupt influential mafia networks most effectively.

Since its launch in 2019, ReGraph has helped customers around the world build the high-performing graph visualization products their users need to find insight in their connected data. React developers find coding with our toolkit easy, thanks to the ReGraph playground – a live-coding environment designed for rapid prototyping that makes sharing code with coworkers simple.

Kevin Naughten, Cambridge Intelligence Product Manager, is delighted to have reached the ReGraph 2.0 milestone: "We’ve worked closely with customers to understand their needs and design the graph visualization toolkit that powers their threat detection and analysis activities. With adaptive layouts, only the chart items that have to move to accommodate changes do so. Every adjustment is subtle and intuitive, helping analysts to keep their investigations on track. Many thanks to the development team that has worked hard to solve a particularly complex math challenge and make this happen."

ReGraph comes with a fully-documented API, showcase demos, an interactive live-coding environment and detailed developer guides. To try ReGraph 2.0 it for free, request an evaluation

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Cambridge Intelligence make KeyLines and ReGraph, toolkits for visualizing complex connections in data.

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