Cambridge Wireless announces first CW Technology & Engineering Conference

The first CW Technology & Engineering Conference (CW TEC) will take a top-down look at the impact of emerging technologies on millimetre, microwave, UHF and VHF spectral value.


Taking place on 24 March 2015 in London and positioned six months before WRC 2015, CW TEC will provide a unique insight into the impact that mobile, satellite, TV, IOT and wearable technology will have on the value of licensed and unlicensed spectrum – from VHF to KA band and beyond – addressing the question as to whether present technology platforms should become more similar or dissimilar over time.

The event will be kicked off by a keynote from Jass Sarai, Technology Industry Leader at PwC UK, who are sponsoring and hosting the event at PwC’s 7 More London Riverside offices.

Other speakers include Andy Sutton, Principal Network Architect, EE; Graham Peters, Director, Avanti Consulting; Sami Susiaho, Head of Edge Technologies, BskyB; Kent Walker, Vice President Technology, Qualcomm; Alexander Schertz, Researcher, IRT; Chris Nokes  Lead R&D Engineer BBC; Dr John Haine, RF Technology Innovation Coordinator, u-blox AG; Paul Morris, Fellow at CSR; and Rajinder Gawera, VP Marketing, Samsung Cambridge. Iridium will also be providing an update on the technologies used in the NEXT constellation. 

The conference will comprise four sessions with the aim of identifying the physical layer technologies, hardware platforms and higher layer protocols that will have the biggest impact on future global spectral value. These will include:

  • Mobile broadband and GEO satellite technology evolution and the related impact on the 4G to 5Gg transition
  • WiFi and low earth orbit satellites
  • Terrestrial broadcasting and mobile broadband
  • Machine to machine/IOT and wearable connectivity

“This is a great opportunity to bring together technical experts from the mobile broadband, TV and satellite communities to discuss and debate technology challenges and opportunities across the radio spectrum from VHF to KA band and beyond,” said Geoff Varrall from RTT Online and CW SIG Champion.  “The event will also focus on associated standards and regulatory issues, drawing on practical case study implementation experience in the UK, Europe and the US.” 

"We are proud to both sponsor and host the first CW Wireless Technology & Engineering Conference,” said Jass Sarai of PwC. “We will be joined by some fantastic speakers and the conference is sure to provide delegates with a detailed oversight of the opportunities that exist within the exciting worlds of mobile broadband, entertainment and communications. PwC has long been a supporter of the great work that CW does whether locally, nationally or internationally. We look forward to 24 March 2015 and the outcomes of this inaugural event."

In addition to the main sponsors, PwC, the first CW TEC event is also sponsored by InterDigital UK, Microlease, Keysight Technologies and Anritsu.

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