Cambridge Zero Climate Change Festival returns

Last November the University of Cambridge launched its first global festival, dedicated to raising awareness of climate change and decarbonisation through engagement between academic and broader communities.

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This year it will build on this achievement by focusing on the important work local communities are doing in the run-up to COP26, the United Nations international climate change conference taking place in Glasgow.

COP26 is a pivotal moment in the fight against climate change, bringing together leaders from across the world in an effort to reach agreement on how to limit global warming. This year's festival will demonstrate the work underway to raise ambition and catalyse action to help make COP26 a success, bringing together people from all backgrounds to share solutions, explore new research and learning, and inspire global action.

Festival events taking place next week include:

Monday 18 October (9am) Energy Transformation – showcasing  the latest research on net-zero and zero-carbon technologies and policy from academics and early career researchers.

Monday 18 October (a series of sessions from 11am) Webinars for Food Businesses – drawing together local businesses and experts in their fields, find out how you can boost sales, reduce overheads and promote your food business through taking action on climate change. Learn about the support available

Tuesday 19 October (10am) Supercharging decarbonisation with a universal digital investigating the ways in which digital technologies such as big data, machine learning and the Internet of Things can help us predict the impacts of climate change as well as supercharge decarbonisation.

Tuesday 19 October (1.30pm) Introducing the Cambridge Resilience Webs  – visual representations of the many university and city organisations, groups and departments working on climate change, sustainability, biodiversity and resilience in and around Cambridge. The webs aim to help people find, link to and/or get involved with relevant organisations. 

Tuesday 19 October (3pm) Connected Digital Twins for resilient infrastructure services –presenting progress on the Climate Resilience Demonstrator (CReDo) project, a practical example of how connected data can improve climate adaptation and resilience in the infrastructure sector.

Wednesday 20 October (1pm) Cambridge Zero Policy Forum panel discussion on the importance of local authorities in tackling climate change – exploring the role of local authorities in tackling climate change. You will hear about the priorities, challenges and opportunities for local authorities and be able to ask the panel questions.

Wednesday 20 October (5pm) Futures We Want  – detailing  a project that brings together academics, business, Government and citizens to look at innovations and approaches that can deliver a climate resilient, global net zero future that is both feasible and desirable.  

Find out more about the festival and all the events here



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