Cambridgeshire Ltd

Cambridgeshire Ltd gives a unique insight into the performance of the county’s business community.

Compiled annually, Grant Thornton's survey analyses the financial performance of Cambridgeshire’s 100 largest companies and so provides a yardstick against which the county can assess its economic performance, and businesses can benchmark themselves against their peers.

The analysis is presented to an audience of 150 business leaders in the county every year during a prestigious, invitation-only breakfast event.

Cambridgeshire Ltd 2018 has been compiled using the most recent publicly available accounts (as at September 2018) of the county’s 100 largest companies (based on turnover) which have their principal place of business and management in Cambridgeshire. The results are derived from the latest available accounts and compared to the previous year’s Top 100.

The research excludes companies that are owned by overseas companies or where management and strategic decision makers are based outside the county. This approach provides a more accurate picture of the wealth creation and importantly, the retention and re-investment of profits in Cambridgeshire. This is fundamental to the continued success of the local economy. We have excluded 'Not for Profit' organisations, due to the purpose of these entities.

The findings relate to a period of political uncertainty as the UK government returned a weakened majority in the general election and the wider implications of Brexit started to become apparent. However, despite this, the general economic position of the UK remains relatively stable, and for the most part businesses carried on as usual. 

In 2017 we saw the reward of previous investments leading to strong growth. The results for 2018 demonstrate that Cambridgeshire Ltd is indeed delivering consistent and sustained growth. Turnover has increased by 10%, and 66% of companies have continued to invest in their people. This growth is seen across the whole of the county in many different sectors, which is vital to ensuring success is inclusive for all within our county.

There were 13 new joiners to this year’s Top 100. Are you one of them?

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