Caring for the mental health of staff

Hannah Game

In an age where one in four people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year, the team at Prototype Projects knows that caring for mental health is just as important as caring for physical health in the workplace.

They write:

As a company that works under immense pressure to meet its customers’ needs – fast quoting, express prototyping, dispatch and invoicing – mental wellness can easily be overlooked. That’s why we’ve supported Hannah Game, our Sales Manager, in training to become our Mental Health Awareness First Aider.

Hannah’s training explored different kinds of mental health including understanding the difference between anxiety and a panic attack, for example.

Since completing her level 2 training, Hannah has implemented a number of strategies to support our staff with any mental health issues they may have now or in the future.

Hannah said: “We spend so much of our time at work that our colleagues become our work family. I am passionate about looking after my work family and so am proud to be able to support them as a Mental Health Awareness First Aider.”

Hannah hopes to complete her level 3 training later in the year.

When asked about the importance of looking after the health of his staff, Justin Pringle (MD) said: “Given the nature of our work, the physical health and safety is, and will always be, a priority. But, of equal importance is the mental wellness of our staff. Creating a supportive, safe working environment for our staff is part of our core values and so I am delighted that Hannah is our first Mental Health Awareness First Aider.”


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