A catalyst for cross-coupling and hydrogenation reactions from Strem UK

TEM image of prepared G-Ni33Pd67

Organic synthesis with graphene supported nickel-palladium nanoparticles.

Strem Chemicals UK writes:

Dr Shouheng Sun and researchers at Brown University have synthesized Nickel-Palladium nanoparticles assembled on graphene (G-Ni33Pd67), 28-0015.  The material is prepared by a borane reduction of nickel and palladium salts in oleylamine, followed by absorbing the resulting monodisperse 3.4nm NiPd alloy nanoparticles on graphene. The NiPd alloy nanoparticles are well dispersed on the graphene surface (Figure 1). The resulting material shows promise as a catalyst for organic transformations.

Figure 1. TEM image of prepared G-Ni33Pd67

The catalyst has shown to be useful for the tandem dehydrogenation of ammonia borane (borazane, NH3BH3) and hydrogenation of nitro/nitrile groups to amines (Figure 2). Properties of ammonia borane, such as its mild reaction conditions and tolerance for other functional groups, combined with its use as a hydrogen source, allow for convenient and safe synthesis of aromatic and aliphatic primary amines.1

Our 28-0015 has also shown to be an efficient catalyst for Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling of boronic acids and aryl halides (Figure 3).2 In addition, it is an active catalyst for Heck cross-coupling between an unsaturated halides and an alkenes (Figure 4).3

As a heterogeneous catalyst, 28-0015 can be easily recovered by filtration or centrifugation and reused for multiple cycles.



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28-0015: Nickel/palladium alloy nanoparticle on graphene (G-Ni33Pd67)


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