Celebrate today: World Day for Cultural Diversity

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World Day for Cultural Diversity, for Dialogue and Development provides an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity and to learn to live and work together better.  Choose from Babel's suggested 10 simple things to help celebrate this day.

To encourage people and organisations around the world to take action to support diversity, here are ten simple things you can do to celebrate World Day for Cultural Diversity (even if you choose one!). 

  1. Learn the language of the international office you communicate with most regularly
  2. Find out which is the next country to celebrate their national day
  3. Visit an art exhibition or a museum dedicated to other cultures
  4. Learn about a colleague's religion
  5. Run an international film show for your team
  6. Compare traditional music with a friend/ colleague from a different culture 
  7. Play a sport related to a different culture (Karate, Criquet, Pétanque…)
  8. Arrange a dinner party with each guest bringing a traditional dish
  9. Volunteer with an organisation working for diversity and inclusion
  10. Spread the word around you, family, friends and invite people from a different culture to share your customs

Babel can tailor your own Cultural Diversity session, to suit your needs and be delivered at a location of your choice.

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