CW launches new consortium to help companies scale and move from Product to Product-as-a-Service (PaaS)

CW (Cambridge Wireless) creates a consortium of members to accelerate and successfully scale the transformation of product companies to digital services: Product as a Service (PaaS).

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Abhi Naha, CEO and Founder of the PaaS Consortium and CCO of CW Cambridge Wireless, said: “Product companies are under continuous pressure to add value and performance while still maintaining a low barrier to entry for their products. The drive for accessible premiumisation is greater than it has ever been. With the advancement of digital connectivity, cloud based subscription services and the ability to collaborate with major telecommunications companies new opportunities are arising to enter a digital services market place to meet this need. Not only will we be collaborating and sharing eco system technology partners but also adopting best business practices, disruptive channels to market and provide valuable and secure digital consumer experiences beyond proof of concept trials”.

This group is being Chaired by Chris Porthouse Chief Product Officer of Imagination Technologies, previously VP and General Manager of Device Services, IoT Services Group at Arm.

With exclusive access to a NB-IoT design reference platform developed for this group, members will be able to accelerate product trials during early phase development, which will gather important usage metrics without the need to modify the products.

“ghd is passionate about creating high performance products, which enable our customers to create beautiful long lasting hair styles. As a founding member of CW and building on our experience of the Innovation Hive, we were keen to be part of this new, very active, group of diverse companies to ensure we have access to the best thinking in terms of technology and business models.” said Dr Tim Moore VP of Innovation, ghd.

Initial founding members of the PaaS Consortium include Arm, BAT, ghd. CW Cambridge Wireless will be inviting other members to join who can contribute towards the successful transformation of product as a service at scale in a fast moving digital connected world.

“NB-IoT is a key driver in enabling organizations to develop new product as a service business models that deliver increasing value to their customers,” said Dave Weidner, vice president of market development, IoT Platform, Arm, Founder Member. “Through the integration of the Pelion IoT platform into the PaaS Consortium’s NB-IoT design reference platform, members can seamlessly connect, secure and manage their devices, and accelerate their deployments from proof of concept to production.”

One of the goals will be working towards creating a more sustainable impact and circular economy through the integration of innovative technologies and practices.

“From a science perspective connected devices offer us new tools and approaches to gain key insights - especially in terms of “ use-behaviour. As a founding member of the consortium, interacting with other FMCGs and leading technology players in the digital and connected eco-system will be invaluable to the continued transformation of our R&D programme, our business and ultimately our consumers  experience”, said Dr Allen Griffiths, Head of Reduced Risk Substantiation at BAT, Founder Member.

To find out more, please visit PaaS Consortium website.

For more information, please contact Abhi Naha CEO & Founder of the PaaS Consortium

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