CW partners with Incisor TV for a Roundtable event on IoT

Cambridge Wireless (CW) wants to hear from the companies that will define the Internet of Things, the rainmakers who will create the platforms, components, thought leadership and applications that will bring this sector to life.


Identifying the Architects and the Architecture for the Internet of Things

When is it happening: 22nd June 2016 9:30am

Where: Future of Wireless International Conference

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Connectivity, security and privacy – the key disruptive trends

Why is this important? Today we don’t know quite who will lead the way. Will the smartphone makers take the pilot seat for consumer apps? Or will the industrial infrastructure giants define B2B? Where’s the killer app going to come from? Who is going to roll out the control fabric? And who will step up and take care of security?

We don’t yet have the standards in place for makers to go out and create products they are confident will be interoperable and satisfy user demands. As ever this process will take time but it raises important questions. Too many valuable services have been delayed by lock-in, the industry making technical specification missteps, politics or a perception that we need to get products to market fast and at whatever cost.

It’s likely that standards (plural) rather than one standard will emerge given the vast scale and potential of the IoT. B2C and B2B applications will differ, for example, in their power envelope and bandwidth requirements. Vertical industries may have their own specific needs and concerns.

And we need to address growing public concerns of security and privacy of data. Every page we go to demands subscriptions and input of personal data. For many people, entering the new digital world means the end of ownership. These people believe that that the offline world treated subcultures with much more respect than the digital world. Have mega platforms become the McDonald's of the minds?

What’s needed is leadership. We need the great companies to define what comes next. We need a blueprint that will allow the IoT to work together optimally and free up creative people with brilliant ideas to make products whether those are factory controls, building automation systems, industrial lighting rigs, fitness and wellbeing wearables or geo-fenced security devices to monitor pets – and respecting rather than over-riding consumer’s views.

This discussion will be about defining the fundamental structure of the Internet of Things: how can we create a framework of technology standards, best practices and processes that will let the IoT prosper.

The cost to participate is £1495.00 Ex VAT

Round-table event includes: 

  • Participation for one person at the main Roundtable event itself
  •  An individual video interview will be filmed immediately after the main Roundtable event. The individual video interview gives each participant the opportunity to make sure his or her company’s key messages are delivered. Links and/or embed code will be supplied to each participant so that the video interviews can be used in their own marketing.
  • A short editorial profile of each company will be in Incisor magazine prior to the event.
  • Companies will be listed as participants on the Roundtable landing page
  • Roundtable main movies are promoted in Incisor magazine, Incisor website, on Incisor social media networks Twitter and LinkedIn and by our co-host IHS at its site

It is this multi-company promotion that gives the event such vast reach.
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