Darktrace and CTO Jack Stockdale recognised at the 2022 Business Intelligence Group Innovation Awards

Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security AI, announced that it has been recognised as one of the most innovative technology companies by the 2022 Business Intelligence Group (BIG) Innovation Awards. The awards also recognised Darktrace Chief Technology Officer Jack Stockdale as an individual leader who significantly impacted the company’s continued innovation.

BIg Innovation 2022 Awards logo

The BIG Innovation Awards acknowledge companies, individuals, and products that demonstrate an innovative approach to delivering business solutions for their customers and communities. The awards recognised Darktrace for its groundbreaking Self-Learning AI and Autonomous Response technologies driving the cyber security industry forward.

The organisations, people, and products acknowledged consistently displayed talent and superior business or commercial performance over the past 12 months. Organisations from across the globe submitted their recent innovations for consideration, and the BIG Innovation Awards named 13 executives, 56 companies, and 81 products as 2022 winners.

In the organisation category, the BIG Innovation Awards recognises companies whose culture, products, and people consistently produce innovative and industry disruptive solutions. These companies excel across various business domains and stand out among their peers. Alongside Darktrace, other organisations recognised in the technology sector include Samsara, Attabotics, ContractPodAi, Lumio, JUNO, and Simplr.

In the individual category, the awards highlight executives whose business skills and management style push their respective organisations to deliver innovative solutions. These leaders leverage their experience and knowledge to drive their companies toward market achievement and groundbreaking industry contributions. Other individuals recognised lead teams at organisations like Citi, GE Digital, Invafresh, Ekata, MX, and Burnalong.

“We are delighted to receive this recognition for the cutting-edge innovation taking place at Darktrace,” commented Jack Stockdale, Darktrace CTO. “We are a rare and unique technology business, conducting breakthrough research into Self-Learning AI and applying that research to the challenge of cyber security. Our inventions allow our community to outpace adversaries both now and in the future.”


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