Darktrace comments on cyber attack on world's largest meat processor - JBS

In light of the world's largest meat processing company, JBS, being targeted by a sophisticated cyber-attack, Dave Masson, Director of Enterprise Security at Darktrace, discusses how ransomware continues to be a national security threat.

He said:" Just weeks after the Colonial Pipeline was shut down and Ireland’s national health service was knocked out, the JBS breach serves as another example of the vulnerabilities of critical national infrastructure in the wake of destructive cyber-attacks.

"The details of the breach hint that this too was a ransomware attack, the target this time being national food supply chains. Once again, the notion that ransomware is a national security threat is ringing true - and we need a fundamentally different approach to security without throwing more humans into the mix. 

"As our world becomes increasingly hyperconnected, the barriers to attack become lower - and many more points of entry open up for hackers to exploit. Traditional security tools and human teams are struggling to contain attacks, and the result is often blunt and heavy-handed responses that stop the spread of the attack, but cause major operational disruption. Organisations need an alternative way out - one which can thwart attacks before they have a chance to spread. This is why thousands of organisations are turning to technologies like autonomous response to fight fire with fire - and contain attacks before the damage is done."

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