Day of the African Child 2022

Everyone needs a Big Sister.

Everyone needs a Big Sister! None more so than girls and young women vulnerable to exclusion from education.

Today, as we celebrate Day of the African Child (June 16), we commemorate the students who rose up for their rights in Soweto, South Africa, in 1976. Nearly 50 years on, there is still so much to be done. Children need us to match advocacy with action — and that’s what our sisters in the CAMFED Association are all about. Meet some of the students supported by our Learner Guides, who are navigating the road to independence with the support of these ‘Big Sisters.’


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Having once received support from CAMFED to go to school, our young women leaders understand intimately what it takes for girls to stay in the classroom, learn and thrive. Their expertise and empathy is what shapes CAMFED’s holistic programs, so as to best respond to the needs of each individual child we serve.

Support from CAMFED is not only material—in the form of school and/or exam fees, required uniforms, books, menstrual products and more—but also emotional. This mentorship and friendship is offered by relatable female role models who are in the same community and have recently completed school themselves.

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Meet Linley

Linley, a CAMFED Association member and Learner Guide in Malawi, explains her active role as a ‘Big Sister’ “who can reach learners in and out of school.”

She talks about how her efforts work hand-in-hand with those of other school community members, including teachers, to support girls’ education and prevent drop out.

Linley also shares how her experience as a Learner Guide is helping her to develop her own leadership and career ambitions.

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