Diversity and inclusion - Marshall Centre wants to hear your stories

Poor Mental Health due to work effects around 828,000 people, with over 17.9 million days lost through work related stress, anxiety and depression. It’s hard to break down exactly what about work causes this, but studies show that a lack of understanding within a diverse workforce could massively impact wellbeing. 

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Marshall Centre writes:

Examples include:

  • People from LBGTQ plus communities can be 2.5 times more likely to be off work with mental health issues.

  • There are 12 million registered disabled adults in the UK but only 3.4m are employed.

  • Only 9.7% of senior executives are made up of woman

  • 33% of black employees believe that discrimination has hindered their career progression as opposed to 10% white British staff reporting the same issue.

What this means

We still have a lot of work to do to attract, retain and support these communities and others to thrive at work and ensure our actions as employers do not hinder peoples Mental Health and Wellbeing. We must understand what the wellbeing benefits are of diversity and inclusion and how our actions can impact negatively on an individuals wellbeing, often, completely unintentionally.

Highlighting the impact of mental health and wellbeing, at work, on different communities, can be done in many ways but we beleive that by telling a story and sharing lived experiences is the best way to learn from those that have been there.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to Green House Farm in Cambridge for a filmed Q&A interview. We would love you to discuss experiences that have impacted your career journey and wellbeing to help educated others, ensuring the future is made better for the next hire coming in and the workforce that exists. It is often small changes that can have the biggest impact.

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