Enjoy a spooktacular half-term and Halloween fun at Cambridge Science Centre

This half-term sees Cambridge Science Centre offer something a little bit different for children.  It is running bookable sessions over the half-term week, so you can explore science in lots of exciting and different ways.

Cambridge Science Centre half term activities

Cambridge Science Centre writes:

Sessions include our stimulating #StemClub events, extraordinary workshops, an amazing visit from Banham Zoo and our Spooktacular weekend of Halloween shows and activities.

Starting on Saturday 24 October and running until Sunday 1 November, you can book various sessions to the following events:

#StemClub - The Sun: Power of Ra

Take a trip back in time as you head to ancient Egypt, in the year 2300 BCE. Can you help protect the land from the wrath of Ra the Sun god by completing our STEM puzzles? Sort the Sun myths from the Sun facts in the Temple Library, consult The Botanist about sunscreens and hunt for minerals in the Mines. Will you solve the clues and save ancient Egypt?

Set in Ancient Egypt, take part in some experiments all about the sun to solve problems and save the ancient Egyptians from the wrath of the sun god Ra!

#StemClub - Exploring structures

Skyscrapers and Spaghetti Towers!

Can you build a tower out of spaghetti? Come and explore how different shapes give strength to structures, find out how skyscrapers stand tall, and the importance of forces in construction. You will get to have a go at building your own spaghetti and marshmallow tower - how tall can you make it?  Using spaghetti and marshmallows as your building materials, explore the importance of shape and forces as you build the tallest tower you can.

#StemClub - Discovering DNA

Have you ever wondered what helps make us who we are?

In this session we will find out how the building blocks of DNA fit together to make genes. You can make a DNA bracelet to take home, extract the DNA from a strawberry and see genetics in practice as you help to identify Red Kite birds by analysing their DNA sequence.

Workshop - Eye on Evolution

A step by step run through of making pinhole viewers, relating each step to a point in the evolutionary development of the eye.

We explore how light can form an image with and without a lens. Discussing human and other animal eyes, from simple light-detecting spots to camera eyes.

Explore evolution by making a take-home pinhole viewer while looking at how the eye has developed across different, living species.

Workshop - Power Up!

Find out how electrical circuits work before designing your own blades for a wind turbine you can use to generate electricity.

Workshop - Chain Reaction

Take part in an exploratory engineering workshop promoting teamwork and creativity.

Design and build a contraption to transfer energy through a series of mechanisms, which culminates in a spectacular and wacky chain reaction!

Special Event - Unleash your wild side

Unleash your wild side as we join up with Banham Zoo to explore the fascinating world of invertebrates.

Come along to one of our sessions today and find out how Banham Zoo is supporting animals in the wild, understand the importance of zoos in conservation and hear all about a day in the life of a zoo keeper.  Don’t forget to bring lots of questions!

Our sessions will focus on the special features of invertebrates. You will learn why they are so unique and yet, so different.  There will be different invertebrates to discover and activities you can do at the centre or take home.

SpOokTacUlar Halloween Weekend

On 31st October and 1st November, you can join us for some spookily good fun...

Each session will include ghoulish slime making, some screamingly-good Halloween demonstrations and a mix of spooktacular activities.  Why not dress up in your spookiest costumes too?

All sessions need to be booked via our Eventbrite Page.  Numbers are limited and COVID-19 precautions will be in place.  Events are suitable for children aged 7-11 years. The visit from Banham Zoo is suitable for all ages.

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