Food and FMCG giants are looking for innovators to pitch them new ideas

Do you have an innovative idea or product that could help companies such as Mars, Tesco and Crown Packaging overcome their business challenges?


Senior leaders from major food and FMCG firms who are part of the Open Innovation (OI) Forum are holding a pitching event for innovative companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups and university spin-outs. The 5th Food & FMCG Innovation Pitching Event will be held on 23 November at Food Matters Live, ExCel, London.

The event is open to all individuals, research centres and companies of all sizes and levels of maturity from the UK and international innovation communities. Up to 15 researchers, innovators and technology developers will be picked to pitch their ideas to a panel of key decision-makers and ‘innovation scouts’ from important food and FMCG firms (see full list here). However, all participating pitches will be circulated to OI Forum members, whether they are shortlisted or not.

Ideas presented should specifically address one or more of the Forum’s business needs identified in this list and fall within one of the following categories:

  • Life sciences - including ingredients, health, food safety, preservatives and synthetic biology;
  • Materials – including packaging materials, waste reduction and sustainability;
  • Manufacturing - including customisation, batch-of-one and novel food processing;
  • IT/electronics - including smart packaging, communications, tagging & ID and E-science;
  • Marketing and business models - including social media, digital marketing and new business models. 

Previous winners include a university spin-out which presented a technology for easy, safe and chemical-free generation of active oxygen (a powerful germicide) inside sealed containers; a green energy company that transforms waste coffee grounds into two carbon-neutral biofuel products; and a portable precision respirometer to test for microbial contamination of food and liquid.

The event is free to enter and winners will receive a certificate and trophy, as well as the chance to present their ideas and products in front of senior leaders and decision-makers whose main job role is to scout for and acquire innovation and technology from outside their organisations.

The deadline for requesting a pitch is 31 October 2016.

For more information and to enter the competition visit this page.


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