Futures By Design adds new tools

Futures By Design (FBD) launches 3 new tools this week. FBD is an EU project designed and co-ordinated by EFEC CSO Andrew Thomson and EFEC is leading the consortium to develop the servcies in the UK after the EU project finishes in early 2023.

Futures by design logo next to EU logo and European regional development fund logo

Within the Futures By Design project, we work together on different tools and formats which we use to support organisations. The purpose is to help participating SME’s with their next step to become more data driven. The developed tools help to outline the current situation, define the problem statement and explore the possibilities.

Every tool has its own added value and is helpful in a different stage of becoming more data-driven. Before starting a project, it is useful to know the data maturity level of your organisation. Below is the recommended order in which the tools can best be used and create the most value.

We recently added some new tools:

The leadsfinder tool is developed to find new leads comparable to your current customers based on the different linkedin profiles. You are able to set filters for different geographical locations, the type of industry, the amount of employees etc. This can be very helpful when you need to target new customers.

The word clouds tool is an open access tool that enables the user to identify the key words form any document and the tool also comes with a user guide.

The digital glossary tool is a handy guide to all the terms commonly used in the world of digitisation from Ai  and cybercurrency to quantum computing and social media marketing.

Find out more at www.futuresbydesign.net

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