Got a solution that could take net zero efforts to the next level? Join the hackathon for the British Antarctic Survey

Join a hackathon to accelerate net zero innovation. Run by The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, in partnership with the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and Cambridge Zero, this two day virtual hackathon will bring together innovators from around the world to come up with solutions to help the British Antarctic Survey achieve net zero.

Penguin and people in the Antarctic_ BAS hackathon banner

Working in one of the most remote and challenging environments on Earth, BAS is faced with more challenges than most when it comes to decarbonising its operations. Existing technology can get the organisation 70% of the way, but new innovation will be essential to achieve the last mile.

The Challenge

Enter as a team, or apply as an individual to join a team, to take on one of the following challenges:

  • How to radically reduce energy use 

  • How to sensitively use renewable energy in a delicate environment, dealing with intermittency and seasonal variation in energy production

  • How to provide year-round back up energy without costing the earth

Why join?

  • Bring your solution to a new potential buyer (BAS)

  • Join an innovation community determined to tackle one of the world’s most pressing problems

  • Winners will benefit from publicity generated by CISL and Cambridge Zero

Who should apply?

This two day online hackathon is open to any innovators willing to think creatively to achieve net zero for the benefit of the global ‘race to zero’. Whatever your background – from tech to energy or engineering –  and from students to professionals, all innovative minds are welcome.

When is it happening?

Friday 26 November (08:20 - 17:30 GMT) and Friday 3 December (08:30 - 16:30 GMT). There will also be a pre hack introduction and networking session on Thursday 25 November (17:00 - 19:00 GMT).

Find out more and apply here.

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